Learning for Change

In pursuit of patterns that bind us
Introduction to a process for collaborative learning and for project assessment.

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This book builds on one outcome of two decades of action research on sustainable behaviour change, i.e. a workshop format designed to accelerate learning from experience, now held with participants from around 40 countries. It outlines processes, methods and tools from the workshops, and is intended to give an introduction and overview of the current state of the L4C art.

All it takes is people, sustainability practitioners, to take on the ideas and link up. The door is open, you are welcome!

Authors: Marilyn Mehlmann and André Benaim

Design & illustrations: Vahram Muradyan

Published: 2013, ISBN: 

Language: English

Pages: 57

Project: N/A

”The outer boundary of what we currently believe is feasible ​
is still far short of what we actually must do”

Al Gore

Nobel Acceptance, December 10, 2007